Randy Gage Leaves Agel

Generic MLM trainer and Network Marketing Superstar Randy has resigned as a distributor for Agel, apparently because of payout issues.

This is the last leader of many to leave. Back in the day, Agel was force to be reckoned with and had Randy Gage, Randy Schroeder and Eric Worre leading the distributor network. Now they have all left along with names such as Ann and David Fenstein, Bruno Griles and Chanida Puranaputra.

The future looks very bleak for Agel. Be surprised if the company is still in business in 24 months.

Alex Morton Leaves Vemma

This is probably the biggest “buzz” in the network marketing world right now: Alex Morton leaves Vemma and goes to Jeunesse. It comes as a BIG surprise because Alex is the guy that has spearheaded the growth of Vemma in the last few years in North America.

Clearly this is a “messy divorce” and the accusations are flying back and forth. One of them is that Alex got a big deal and a huge sign-up bonus, which is probably true. He is not the first one to get this and will not be the last.

The more interesting question is, “will Jeunesse’s momentum last?”

Probably not. Look at what happened with Monavie, a company that grew like crazy, fueled by leaders from other companies who got sweetheart deals. They are gone now.

It is also interesting that Alex – who has a team of mostly people under 30 – move to a company where the main product is anti-ageing.  That does not seem like the best match. Time will tell, but our prediction is that in 5 years from now Alex will still do great in Network Marketing, however it will not be in Jeunesse.


Lyoness under investigation in Norway

On December 9th, The Norwegian Gaming Board put out a press release that they have launched an investigation into Lyoness.

The investigation comes after a lot of concerned people have contacted  the Gaming Board and asked about the legitimacy of the company.

The Gaming Board has received information that it costs 20,000 Norwegian kroner (more than $3000) to join Lyoness. They are also concerned that members’ commissions mainly come from recruiting of  members and not from the sale of goods and services.

In a letter addressed to Managing Director of Lyoness Norway, Mr. Terje Duesund, the company is asked to provide a lot of information including:

– The difference between being paid membership and free membership

– The number of members in total, paying and free members

– Bonus and commission system , including the turnover of the company split the revenue types

– Information about the products being sold

– Evidence of how that the turnover of the company in Norway in particular is due to the sale of products and not referral (of new members)

Lyoness have been given three weeks to respond to the Board’s request for information.

Herbalife wins court case in Belgium

In a Belgian appeals court ruling yesterday, Herbalife was cleared of allegations that the  company operates an unlawful pyramid scheme.

This judgment overturns a previous ruling by the lower court, in response to claims brought by Belgian consumer organization Test-Aankoop, that Herbalife was operating a pyramid scheme.

The court ruling, says that Herbalife’s sales model is in “full compliance with the law.”

The news is of course great news for investors as shares went up $4.80, or 6.7%, to $76.65. So far this year Herbalife stock is up more than 130%.



Truman Hunt named CEO of the year

Truman Hunt, CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises,  has just been named CEO of the Year by Utah Business

During Hunt’s time as CEO, the company has flourished. Nu Skin nearly doubled revenues from $989 million in 2003 to $1.74 billion in 2011. The company has also expanded operations in the same time period, going from 33 markets to 52 markets. Stock prices hit an all-time high of $51 in November 2011.

As Hunt is dedicated to being a force for good, he also leads the company’s giving. Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative has donated more than 235 million meals to malnourished children during Hunt’s time as CEO.

Hunt has a long-term vision for the company, and in 2009 introduced goals for the future that focus on company, employee and charitable growth.

Amway increased revenue 17% in 2011

Amway recently reported sales in 2011 of USD$10.9 billion.

This is 17 percent growth over 2010 annual sales of USD$9.2 billion and the sixth consecutive year of growth for the company.

Nine of the top 10 markets for Amway, including China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States, reported strong sales increases.

With more than 50 years of experience, Amway now holds the top spot in direct selling in key markets like China, India, Japan and Thailand, and is a recognized leader in the industry globally. Reflecting 2011’s substantial gain, Amway has increased overall market share to more than 10 percent.

More than three million people worldwide sell AMWAY™ products in more than 80 countries and territories. Founded in 1959 and based in the United States (Ada, Michigan). Top-selling brands for Amway are NUTRILITE vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, ARTISTRY skincare and colour cosmetics, and eSpring water treatment systems. With more than 20,000 employees worldwide, Alticor is privately held by the Van Andel and DeVos families, headed by Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos, and governed by a board of directors led by members of the two families and two outside directors. The company provides product development, manufacturing and logistics services through Access Business Group and Alticor Corporate Enterprises. For company news, visit www.globalnews.amway.com. For media questions, contact Public Relations at 616-787-7565 (Michigan, United States) or mediainfo@amway.com.

Zeekrewards Review

We’re working on a review of Zeekrewards and welcome all comments from readers that involved with this opportunity.

Currently, zeekrewards.com is the most visited corporate site of ANY network marketing company in the world. At the same time A LOT of red flags come up with regards to the legitimacy of the opportunity. Is it really a viable company built around a real product or just a way for the owners to make a quick buck?

Some people are venturing as far as calling it the biggest PONZI scheme in the world today. Furthermore, rumors state that the company is under investigation, has lost their payment gateway already etc.

So, we think it’s about time we take a closer look.

If you’re with Zeekrewards.com, how has your experience been? Does the company still pay on time? How is customer service? Have you ever bought anything from the penny auction site?

Please post in the comments section below or send to us at zeekrewardsreview@globalnetworker.com



PS: If you have never heard of ZeekRewards it is the marketing arm of  Zeekler.com, a penny auction site.

The main attraction of being a member of Zeekewards is that the company has created a Retail Profit Pool (RPP) and shares up to 50% of the daily net profits with its Qualified Affiliates. Today many affiliates earn thousands of dollars weekly WITHOUT having introduced anyone to the program, just based on “Bids” that they have purchased.

Here’s how it works: When you sell Retail Bids or give away VIP Bids from ZeekRewards you can earn VIP Cash Awards every day for 90 days on the VIP Points you received just for placing ONE FREE AD for Zeekler.com daily and submitting the link to your ad through your ZeekRewards Ad Center in your back office.

Every time you sell Retail Bids or give away VIP Bids as samples to retail customers through your ZeekRewards back office – those bids earn you points in your ZeekRewards VIP ProfitPoint balance. At the end of each day (7 days a week) the company determines its daily overall revenues and shares up to 50% of it’s net profits with its Quaified Affiliates* based on each individuals VIP ProfitPoint Balance.

WorldVentures Launches Wings&Wheels Car Program

Last weekend at their Momentum Training Event in Dallas, Texas, WorldVentures launched a new promotion called Wings & Wheels. Qualifications are pretty simple: Generate $5,000 in sales volume within your lineage, and you’ll be on your way to driving a silver BMW!

After Visalus set the pace with their “Bimmer Club” other network marketing companies have been hot on their tail to launch similar programs.

The World Ventures Wings & Wheels Club is a way for even new representatives to qualify for a brand new car quickly. It is this aspect that has been so successful for Visalus and judging by the initial weeks’ sales, World Ventures already has a winner with Wings & Wheels. Last week they had the single biggest day in company history and more than 200 representatives have qualified for the bonus!

Why Wings &Wheels?

The idea behind the promotion for World Ventures reps is a follows:

Ready: Get Your Wings!
This isn’t a pilot’s license, but your “Wings” will allow you to soar. By personally referring four DreamTrips U,
DreamTrips, DreamTrips Life or Luxury DreamTrips Members, you’ll earn your “Wings,” which opens up a
whole-new WorldVentures world.
By sponsoring four customers, you’ll be Qualified, and unlock access to our aggressive WorldVentures
compensation plan. Additionally, as a thank you, WorldVentures will begin waiving your monthly membership fees every month you  maintain four active customers!  So now you have your “Wings.” That new car smell awaits you, so go to the next step!

Set: Get Your Wheels!
Now it’s time for our “Silver Bullet,” because when you help as few as four people earn their “Wings” and
generate at least $5,000 in new sales volume in your lineage teams, you’ll receive the Wings & Wheels car
bonus to put toward a silver BMW!

Once qualified The Wings & Wheels Promotions gives each representative $600 per month to use on a new or used BMW. The program runs for 36 months and is being launched  in both the US and all international markets.

Direct Selling Live’s Power 50 List

Direct Selling Live annually publishes the  The Power 50 — the list of the fifty most influential people in direct selling.

Published by Keeper Catran-Whitney, the 2011 list is now out and the top 10 are as follows:

1. The DeVos Family (Amway)

2. Aaron Garrity (Xango)

3. Stuart Johnson (Video Plus)

4. Joe Mariano (DSA)

5. The Direct Selling Association

6. Bob Proctor (Speaker and Author)

7. Amy Robinson (DSA)

8. Walter Muyres & Reiner Strecker (Vorwerk & Co)

9. Andrea Jung (Avon)

10. Randy Gage (Trainer and Author)

For the full list of all the TOP 50 Most Influencial People in Direct Selling visit the following web site: http://www.directsellinglive.com/2010POWER50/2010POWER50.htm

Robert Dean on the move again

We have previously written about Robert Dean Jr and his talent for getting a hefty transfer bonus every time he moves to a new company. Well, now it looks like Robert  and his T.O.P.G.U.N team is on the move again. The Limu Company and founder  Gary Raser has confirmed that Robert Dean and about 30 other TOPGUN members had been suspended on the rumors that have joined Momentis Energy.

Momentis is owned by a publicly traded utility company known as Just Energy.  Just Energy was founded by Rebecca McDonald, who started the company with an additional phone line and a small office in her home.

The reason why Just Energy set up Momentis to market for them using network marketing is that they realized that word of mouth marketing is more effective than traditional marketing. Just Energy already has approximately 1.6 million customers in North America and anticipates tripling that within the next three years through the growth Momentis.


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