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Alex Morton Leaves Vemma


This is probably the biggest “buzz” in the network marketing world right now: Alex Morton leaves Vemma and goes to Jeunesse. It comes as a BIG surprise because Alex is the guy that has spearheaded the growth of Vemma in the last few years in North America.

Clearly this is a “messy divorce” and the accusations are flying back and forth. One of them is that Alex got a big deal and a huge sign-up bonus, which is probably true. He is not the first one to get this and will not be the last.

The more interesting question is, “will Jeunesse’s momentum last?”

Probably not. Look at what happened with Monavie, a company that grew like crazy, fueled by leaders from other companies who got sweetheart deals. They are gone now.

It is also interesting that Alex – who has a team of mostly people under 30 – move to a company where the main product is anti-ageing. ┬áThat does not seem like the best match. Time will tell, but our prediction is that in 5 years from now Alex will still do great in Network Marketing, however it will not be in Jeunesse.



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