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The MLM idea combined with electricity deregulation has done very well for companies such Ignite Energy and Ambit Energy.  And now there is a new player in town and it looks to be a stong one!

Ampegy Energy  was  launched just a few days ago, but many say it is the next MLM powerhouse! (pun intended)

Certainly the people (and the power) behind it is formidable. Ampegy is a new division of Spark Energy, a $11 billion energy company that operates in 15 states.

President of Ampegy is Waters Davis who is also Executive Vice-President og Spark Energy. Spark Founder and CEO Keith Maxwell is also promoted on the Ampegy web site, but it’s a bit unclear if he has an offical role in the company.

More interesting to networkers is the fact that Steve Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer.

Steve Smith was one of the kep people in Excel Telecommunications and is still an icon within the world of network marketing.

In Excel, Steve Smith reportedly had a monthly income of $1.2 million, which may be a record in the industry.

Time will tell if Amergy Energy will be the next giant in network marketing, but when you look at what Steve Smith and Spark Energy has done before, then the future of Amergy looks very bright indeed!


  1. Spark Energy is not an $11 billion company (they are not even a major player) and it was Paul Orbeson who had monthly income of $1.2 million in Excel not Steve Smith. Get your facts straight. Steve

  2. Thanks for the comments, but I suggest using your real name next time. There is really no credibility when you post as steve smith


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