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Have you ever seen ad or heard a pitch wheresome said “this is the best network marketing company”?
 I bet you have. In fact, if you are anything like me you’ve heard this a gazillion times and enough to make this statement reflect negative on the person saying it. Because it really is a stupid thing to say. And an even more stupid thing to believe!

It’s kind of like saying “this is the best flower”. Best at what? At being prettiest? Having the best smell? The deepest roots? What?

No, the question is not What. The question is “for whom?” That’s a much better question and one that can actually be answered. Because, while there is no “best network marketing company” there is one company out there that is best for YOU!

Now, finding it is not always that easy, especially when you are approached daily by well-meaning inviduals who have already found the best company and is all-to-eager to share it.
Finding the right network marketing company (and if you are lucky the best company) for YOU should start with determining the following:

1) What are some products I absolutely love? Are any of them offered by network marketing companies? If not, what are some network marketing products that I would love to try? Try a bunch of them and then decide on which one you have the greatest passion for.

2) How are people rewarded in the company I am looking at? Is the compensation plan rewarding for the small, part-time networker or do you only make a fair income if you “break through” and reach the higher achievement levels? What’s your ambition level and can you expect to be rewarded fairly?

3) What’s the culture, value and ethics of the company? How do they compare with your own?

4) What are the people in the organization like? Would you feel “at home” working with these people? Could you have fun and become great friends with them?

5) How successful (or not successful) is the person who introduced you this opportunity and the other people that are in your sponsorship line? Have they achieved the level of success that you are looking for?

6) Building on number 5, what’s type of training and support is offered by both the company and the people trying to recruit you? Is this the kind of training you want and need? And, finally, the ultimate acid test:

7) if you weren’t looking at this network marketing company (opportunity) with the eyes of someone looking to join, would you still sign up to buy the product as customer?

There you have it. By using the 7 questions above you surely can find the best company for YOU. Then, when you go out and pitch the opportunity don’t ever say ” this is the best network marketing company”. Say, instead, something like this: ”I really love these products and this company. Now, I don’t know if this is something for you or not, but let me share with you why I am so excited!”


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