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Brig Harts New Book


Arguably the top network marketer in the world, Brig Hart, has just released his first book titled “Why Not You? Why Not Now?”.

An autobiographical look at his life and career in network marketing, the book shows us the rise and fall and rise again of Brig Hart. It also talks a lot about his faith and his life as a born again christian.

For those who  might think this is a book about how to succeed in network marketing, it is not!

Again, it’s a book about Brig’s life leading up to his involvment and success with M0navie. It’s inspirational and you can learn a lot about determination, but it is NOT a “how to” guide for networking.

Brig is known for being a fantastic communicator with a talent for taking complicated subjects and explaining them in a way that is both simple and inspiring. Personally, I must say Brigs “voice” is much better live than in a writing. The book is a bit boring and long-winded compared to hearing Brig speak.

For those of you that have read the book, what do you think of it?


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