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Charlie Sheen and Xango


All marketing is good marketing right?

That may be debated, especially when you see Charlie Sheen drinking your product from a rooftop while waiving a machete. But for Xango this could really mean a boost for business. After all, Charlie Sheen has a lot of energy in spite of his heavy drinking and alleged drug abuse!

Here’s what German mlm publication Obtainer writes about Charlie Sheen and his “love” for Xango:

For the last few days, everything to Charlie Sheen revolves around Hollywood. After Warner Bros. fired him because of “moral Verwerflichkeiten”, the actor is on the balcony of a concert hall in Beverly Hills. Wildly, with a cigerette in one hand and a bottle with reddish content in the other hand, he yells “Tiger Blood” and drinks from the bottle. Clearly, the attention of the press is certainly on him.

He uses the term “Tiger Blood” a few more times so the US journalists can hear him, and then he replies “that he could feel the blood”. Has this product unleashed the tiger in Charlie Sheen? Knowledgeable networkers in the industry have already detected what is in the bottle. It’s XanGo!

Charlie Sheen is really not adverse to alcohol and drugs. On the set of “Two and a Half Men”, he often arrived drunk or hung-over. Since he actually plays a parody of himself and his life in the series, the shooting might actually be realistic. In addition, the make-up artist saves the filming. This arises the question, how could he work at all? Probably it’s because he gets his “Tiger blood” from XanGo, which gives him the necessary energy, and overcomes his debauchery.


The above online article was originally written in German and translated to English. Click on the link below to see the original online article written in German.

Obtainer Magazine article

If you want to read what Fox News wrote about Xango after the incident, you may find this article here:


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