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Glen Jensen rises again with Uprize


Glen Jensen, former Agel CEO founder, is back on the scene after he was forced to resign from the company he helped start back in 2005. The name of Jensen’s new ventures isĀ Uprize, and the product is something as untraditional (in network marketing) as FOREX trading.

To help launch the company, Glen Jensen has assembled a great team of experienced professionals including:

  • Dan Taggart, Co-Founder
  • Troy Kearl, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing
  • Gary Hasson, GM North America
  • Jeff Wilson, Corporate Trainer
  • Darrell Anderson, Corporate Trainer
  • Lorie Harrell, Corporate Trainer
  • Gloria Jensen, Global Recognition

According to Glen Jensen the company is doing something that has never been done in Network Marketing:

“We’ve turned the direct marketing value proposition on its head. While most direct marketing companies inate their prices to cover their multi-tiered commission plan, Uprize has done just the opposite. Our exclusive arrangements with key vendors allow us to offer a full institutional data feed, the Uprize Intellitrader System, and professional training at a fraction of the cost of comparable products, creating an irrisistable value for our members.

To get more information about Uprize, you may visit their web site at www.uprize.com


  1. Hello everybody.
    Uprize will start with the prelaunch phase in a couple days. Knowing Glen it will be a big soon. Anyone interested to hear more details feel free to contact me.
    Best regards from Germany


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