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Juha Parhiala Top Earner in OneCoin Scam


The top news site for network marketing – Businessforhome – just reported that Juha Parhiala earns $1.5 million right now with OneCoin, making him the Top Earner in that “deal”.

While Juha is being celebrated and promoted by Businessforhome, let it be stated for the record that we believe OneCoin is a scam that should be shut down asap.

It does not have any resemblance to a legitimate network marketing company and we predict it will crash and burn. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

For now that’s all from us about OneCoin. We’ll write¬†a more in depth article later, if the “company” is still around.

Remember that while Ted Nuyten, Troy Dooly and other MLM “experts” wrote positive news reports about Zeekrewards, we warned about it on globalnetworker.com

We were right then and we are right now.

Stay away is our clear recommendation. And if you’re already in, sell while you can and never join these stupid deals again.



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