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Nu Skin Record Sales for 2010


In 2010 Nu Skin had annual revenue of $1.54 billion, which is 15 percent higher than in 2009.  Earnings per share for the year were $2.11, a 51 percent increase over 2009.

“2010 was an exceptional year for Nu Skin as we generated a record level of revenue, paid out a record level of commissions to our sales leaders, and enjoyed a record level of profitability,” said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin’s President.

While Nu Skin grew in almost all countries, the best performing markerts were mainland China, South Korea and South Asia/Pacific.

“We concluded the year with our first-ever $400 million-dollar revenue quarter, which is an exciting benchmark in our effort to become the world’s leading direct selling company. ” said Hunt.

“We anticipate another record year in 2011 as we expand our ageLOC story to address aging from the inside of the body,” Hunt added.

What do YOU valued reader think? Will Nu Skin be the largest network marketing company in the world in the future?



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