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Nu Skin Record Sales for 2010


In 2010 Nu Skin had annual revenue of $1.54 billion, which is 15 percent higher than in 2009.  Earnings per share for the year were $2.11, a 51 percent increase over 2009.

“2010 was an exceptional year for Nu Skin as we generated a record level of revenue, paid out a record level of commissions to our sales leaders, and enjoyed a record level of profitability,” said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin’s President.

While Nu Skin grew in almost all countries, the best performing markerts were mainland China, South Korea and South Asia/Pacific.

“We concluded the year with our first-ever $400 million-dollar revenue quarter, which is an exciting benchmark in our effort to become the world’s leading direct selling company. ” said Hunt.

“We anticipate another record year in 2011 as we expand our ageLOC story to address aging from the inside of the body,” Hunt added.

What do YOU valued reader think? Will Nu Skin be the largest network marketing company in the world in the future?

Brig Harts New Book


Arguably the top network marketer in the world, Brig Hart, has just released his first book titled “Why Not You? Why Not Now?”.

An autobiographical look at his life and career in network marketing, the book shows us the rise and fall and rise again of Brig Hart. It also talks a lot about his faith and his life as a born again christian.

For those who  might think this is a book about how to succeed in network marketing, it is not!

Again, it’s a book about Brig’s life leading up to his involvment and success with M0navie. It’s inspirational and you can learn a lot about determination, but it is NOT a “how to” guide for networking.

Brig is known for being a fantastic communicator with a talent for taking complicated subjects and explaining them in a way that is both simple and inspiring. Personally, I must say Brigs “voice” is much better live than in a writing. The book is a bit boring and long-winded compared to hearing Brig speak.

For those of you that have read the book, what do you think of it?

World Ventures Pre-Launch


Today marks the pre-launch of World Ventures new social media platform named Myrovia.com

Under development for 2 years, Myrovia is a blend of facebook, yelp and expedia and will allow World Ventures to highlight and market  the company’s travel products in a new and exciting manner.

Please stay tuned on February 19th which is the day when the site will go live to the general public. For now access is only give to existing reps who help create the content of the site and make sure everything is working as planned.

Evolv Xowii Merger


Yes, the news is confirmed, EvolvHealth and Xowii are merging!

Or as the official press release says: “XOWII is EVOLVing!”

You can read more about this on the blog at evolvhealth.com

Both XOWii and EvolvHealth were founded in 2009, opening for business just 16 days apart. In 2010 XOWii generated revenues of approximately $15 million with a base of over 20,000 distributors and customers. Like EvolvHealth, the company was one of the hottest opportunites last year.

As for the reason behind the merger, EvolvHealth’s CEO, Mr. Brent Hicks says, “With XOWii’s products and leadership, combined with our flagship ground breaking technology, Archaea Active™, we believe this partnership represents an outstanding addition to our Evolv vision and portfolio. It also represents an excellent opportunity to our new field partners, in the XOWii distributors, as they will be available to expand business into Canada, Mexico and soon Colombia.”

Eric Worre Left Agel


The big news in the network marketing world this week is that Eric Worre has left Agel for SendOutCards.

While Eric has not made a public statement to the reasons behind his move, many people says it’s due to poor retention in Agel.

When Agel launched a few years ago it was with 3 network marketing legends at the helm: Randy Schroeder, Randy Gage and Eric Worre.

Today, Randy Gage is the only one left and some people speculate that Agel might not even survive and Eric just got out of a sinking ship.

What do you think?

Sherman Unkefer Speculations


Recently, both MLMblog and the newspaper Phoenix New Times has published articles where they speculate that top Xango distributor Sherman Unkefer is planning to FLEE to Brazil!

Xango is entering the Brazilian market in the fall of next year which has led the above mentioned media to speculate that Mr. Unkefer will leave the United States permanently as soon as Brazil opens for business.

Apparently Sherman Unkefer was convicted of fraud back in the 1980s, but has served his time and later become the number 1 income earner worldwide with Xango.

That of course, has captured a lot of attention. Also from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office who is trying to pursue a 22-year-old, $7.5 million restitution case against Mr. Unkefer.

Still, speculations that Sherman Unkefer has convinced Xango corporate to launch the Brazilian market so that he can flee the US just seems ridiculous to us!

Sherman no doubt has the best lawyers money can buy and does not need to flee the country in order to hide from prosecutors.

What do you think?

Isn’t it also time to let past sins remain in the past? The man has served his time and later built himself up from nothing. Does he not deserve to be let alone and enjoy the fruits of his labor?

He’s also helped thousands of people around the world achieve financial success. Where is that mentioned in the Phoenix New Times article?

MLM Legend Godfrey Chan Joins Xango


Last week we reported that Network Superstart had signed up with Xango. This week the saga continues with Mr. Godfrey Chan’s decision to join the Utah-based company.

Mr Chan has built huge downlines in the past and at his most recent company he grew 90% of their entire Hong Kong market.

About his alignment with Xango he says:

“There’s Apple . . . and Steve Jobs. They always have something new to change the world, and I think XANGO is the brand that is going to change the wellness industry.”

KB Gold in Trouble


Yesterday MLMWatchdog.com sent out a report that KB assets of € 815 950 were seized in Germany and that the owner Mike Koschin has used investors’s funds for other purchases than gold.

Here is the short news report from MLM Watchdog:

“The investigations of the Munich public prosecutor and the decision of the Munich District Court  in relation to Mike Koschin as a suspect are now completed. According to the decision, assets seized in Frankfurt € 815 950 were seized because of suspicions that it is the cash funds belonging to investors. Further, the judge concludes that much of the money collected by the KB Edelmetall GmbH was investor’s money. It was not spent on the purchase of gold, but was spent abroad, where the accused (Mike Koschin) and his unknown accomplice, spent the sums of money. This behavior is punishable as fraud in a so far unspecified number of cases to be designated pursuant to § § 263 I, III, No. 1.2, 25 II StGB”

There’s been a lot of noise around KB Gold lately and industry experts such as Michael Sander of Obtainer Magazine has been very sceptical about the whole operations.

Now it looks like the warnings and recommendations to stay away was good advice!

World Ventures Expanding Around the World


Last weekend World Ventures gathered over 500 representatives from over 12 countries for the Millionaire Bootcamp Training in Paphos, Cyprus.. Head Trainer Marc Accetta brought with him top earners Jefferson Santos and Wes Melcher as well as co-founder Wayne Nugent for a power packed weekend of fun and learning.

Already in 17 countries, World Ventures is now expanding rapidly around the world. Just last months two new countries were added: Norway and Hungary. Next year several more markets will open with Greece, Russia and Australia at the top of the list.

World Ventures is a 5 years company marketing travel products based out of Dallas, Texas and recently made the list of the top 100 direct selling companies in the world.

For more information about the company see here: www.worldventures.com

Is My Shopping Genie a Scam?


MyShoppingGenie is a new company expanding rapidly around the world. That is, the company itself if not entirely new, but in the last 6 months a lot of established networkers have joined and created waves of growth in many countries.

Not without controversy, though. Many outsiders and even industry experts say that the company’s business model is illegal, not sustainable and will be shut down.

What is you comments?

Will the Genie help grant people their wishes of residual income or simply crash and burn, shattering the dreams of thousands of people around the world?