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Xango Convention in Frankfurt


xango logo

One of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world, Xango, is having their first European Convention in Frankfurt, Germany on March 1st 2008. The venue is Festhalle Messe and it is expected that over 3000 representatives will attend.

Xango is currently open in the following european countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. Austria, Spain and Italia will likely be launched later this year.

For a sneak peak at what will happned at the Xango convention, check out the following video: http://www.xango.tv/index.php?videoID=433

Todd Falcone


Todd Falcone Todd Falcone is a multi-million dollar earner who has been over a decade of Network Marketing experience. Not only that, but he reached the top in four leading Network Marketing companies, before he dedicated himeself to generic training.

Today, Mr. Falcone is a highly-recognized trainer, personal coach and mentor and his teachings and articles have been featured in SIx-Figure Income, Home Business Connection, Zig Ziglar’s book Network Marketing for Dummies, Conversations on Success, Networking Times, just to name a few.

Todd’s speaking appearances are sold out months in advance and he has shared the stage with several world-renown trainers and mentors like Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

Todd is the host of the MLM Power Hour (http://podcast.toddfalconelive.com/)and really considered one of the hottest rising superstars in the training arena of Network Marketing. He resides in Seattle, Washington with his wife Carla and son, Gianni

Mark Yarnell – The Wholy Grail of Network Marketing


In his former life Mark Yarnell was a minister, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped preaching. For the last 3 decades he’s been evangelical about network marketing and he is an accomplished author and international business leader. He is the author of ‘Your First Year in Network Marketing’, a Network Marketing Hall of Fame member and has built an organization of more than 300,000 people in 21 countries.

Mark Yarnell was the first and only person from the network marketing industry to serve as Contributing Editor to Success Magazine. Also, Mark and Dr. Charles King of Harvard University created the first certification course in Network Marketing taught at the University of Illinois since 1993.

Aside from his success in network marketing, Mark is best know for his charitable work and he has earned the Nevada Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Washington Times.

While Mark formerly was focused on building his own network, he is now concentrating on generic training through his organization The Holy Grail of Network Marketing™.

Mark and his wife Valerie live in British Columbia, Canada.

Sandy Elsberg – Bread Winner, Bread Baker


Sandy Elsberg is a rare breed: a successful network marketer and generic trainer. Sandly lives in Orange County, California with her two daughters and is the author of the bestseller Bread Winner, Bread Baker.

Sandy has achieved the top distributor status in several network marketing companies. She has written for Upline Magazine, MLM insider and her personal story has been featured in the books Wave III and Who Stole the American Dream.

Sometimes called the “Queen of MLM”, Sandy has an upbeat, positive energy that lights people’s fire. She is an excellent trainer for corporate events as well as one-on coaching

World’s Biggest Network Marketing Companies


The 5 largest direct sale and MLM companies in the world today are:

1) Avon

2) Amway

3) Tupperware

4) Mary Kay

5) Herbalife.

Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay are what we call party-plan companies, meaning they have higher commissions on early levels and direct (retail) sales.

Amway and Herbalife are more focused on depth for bigger earnings and are what most people people consider to be true network marketing companies. 

Randy Gage


randy.jpgRandy Gage was the number one generic trainer in the world. That is until he decided he wanted some residual income of his own and joined Agel – a new network marketing company.

It seems unlikely that Randy will ever come back as a generic trainer. Unless, of course, Agel goes bust, but even then it would be difficult to return to the pinnacle of training.

Not that Randy really need to anyway. He has transformed from being a network marketing trainer to being a bona fide success speaker and author. Gage is one of the foremost teachers of prosperity consciousness toda and is the author of more than 50 books, audio albums, videos, and other information products.

It’s through some of these products you can still experience Randy – the network marketing trainer. And the products are excellent. His book “How to build a multi-level money machine” is a must read. Also, the tape album “How to earn at least $100,000 per year in network marketing” is the best selling training tapes of all time. You can find this at ebay or other resellers or buy the new version called “Duplication Nation”.

Best luck with Agel Randy! Not that you need it 🙂

The rest of the network marketing industry will miss your trainings…

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a former networker turned generic trainer. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Nexera e-News and author of numerous books, audio programs and articles on the subject of Network Marketing.

Certified as a Network Marketing Professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael is an experienced success coach and a dynamic educational speaker. His speaking style sometimes reminds you of the legendary Jim Rohn, and it is just excellent.

Some of Michael’s best books and training tools are: Recipe for Success Learning The Business One Story At A Time The Fifth Principle 28 Days To Your New Future The Secret to Developing Leaders Future Choice Your Prospecting Toolbox The Simple Art of Duplication Thinking Your Way To Success Building A Better Lif

Tom Schreiter – A legendary trainer with a hilarious style


If you’ve never met Tom Schreiter, you are in for a treat. As he writes in his own bio on the back of his books, he is a “tall, dark, handsome Texan”.

Well, maybe this is a bit of an oversell, but it is no exaggeration that Tom is one of the best network marketing trainers ever.

He relies heavily on humor to convey his message, both on stage and in his books, and at times he is truly hilarious.

Tom is also one of the good guys of network marketing and you can be sure that he will never pitch an opportunity on your people. It is a fact that Tom is an owner of a network marketing company, but very few people know about it. Also, in all the years that Tom has performed his excellent training seminars he has never let people know that he was a founder of Nutrition For Life (a big company back in the 90s).

In addition to his books and seminars, Tom is known for putting on the annual MLM cruise every fall. With a track record of close to 20 years now, this is an excellent opportunity for people to enjoy a caribbean cruise with network training added for free.

In network marketing circels, Tom is also known as “Big Al”. We’ll leave it up to you to ask him why. Or you’ll figure it out yourself when you meet him! 

Network Marketing Compensation Plans


There are number of different types of Compensation Plans within the network marketing industry. In fact, there are so many different plans that newcomers to the industry quickly become confused and chosing the best one is not easy.

Actually, looking for a “best” Compensation Plan is futile to begin with. There are no such thing as the best plan. A better approach is to find the comensation structure (and company) that is right for you!

Still, it helps to have an understanding of the 4 main types of compensation plans in existence today.

Here they are (not listed in order of importance): 1) The Stairstep Breakway 2) The Unilevel 3) The Binary 4) The Matrix


1) The Stairpstep Breakaway

The Stairstep is a simple plan. You start out at one level and then need to fullfil certain requirements to move “up the ladder”. The steps are usually based on volume usually and for each level you rise, so does your income. The “breakaway” part of the plans occurs when members in your downline reach a certain level. Then they “break out” and form a group of their own, but you usually keep earning a percentage of their volume. Provided you are qualified,of course, by maintaining a minimum volume within your personal group.

2) The Unilevel

The Unilevel is a simple “Number of levels” that the company will pay you. It is similar to the breakaway, except people don’t establish groups of their own and the volume requirements are usually lower.

3) The Binary.

The Binary plan was first used in the 1990s and has become a very popular plan, especially for startup companiers. The Binary derives its name from the fact that you are give a busines center with 2 “legs” and you have a volume requirement to get paid on each leg. There is what is called “balance” in the Binary, meaning you must balance the volume in each leg to make sure you get paid. In the newer binaries, you don’t need to balance the “legs” exactly, but can get away with 1/3 of the volume in 1 leg and 2/3 in the other and still get maximum bonuses.

5) The Matrix

The matrix plan has a fixed number of people in width and depth paying a percentage based on each spot. You can therefore get people placed “under you” by the people standing above you in the structure. Although, this sounds alluring, the fact is that this is usually more a result of luck than anything else. For a matrix plan to work, you still have to go out and build your business yourself.

Charles King and Tim Sales seminar in Norway


Tim Sales and Charles King

For the first time ever Tim Sales and Charles King held a network marketing seminar in Scandinavia!

This past weekend 250 networkers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK and the US gathered at Letohallen, just north of Oslo, for Tim and Charles’ Network Marketing Leadership Event.

The event was a great success and exactly what the Scandinavian market needs after a couple of years that have seen numerous pyramid schemes come and go, and legitimate network marketing companies suffer.