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Best Network Marketing Company


Have you ever seen ad or heard a pitch wheresome said “this is the best network marketing company”?
 I bet you have. In fact, if you are anything like me you’ve heard this a gazillion times and enough to make this statement reflect negative on the person saying it. Because it really is a stupid thing to say. And an even more stupid thing to believe!

It’s kind of like saying “this is the best flower”. Best at what? At being prettiest? Having the best smell? The deepest roots? What?

No, the question is not What. The question is “for whom?” That’s a much better question and one that can actually be answered. Because, while there is no “best network marketing company” there is one company out there that is best for YOU!

Now, finding it is not always that easy, especially when you are approached daily by well-meaning inviduals who have already found the best company and is all-to-eager to share it.
Finding the right network marketing company (and if you are lucky the best company) for YOU should start with determining the following:

1) What are some products I absolutely love? Are any of them offered by network marketing companies? If not, what are some network marketing products that I would love to try? Try a bunch of them and then decide on which one you have the greatest passion for.

2) How are people rewarded in the company I am looking at? Is the compensation plan rewarding for the small, part-time networker or do you only make a fair income if you “break through” and reach the higher achievement levels? What’s your ambition level and can you expect to be rewarded fairly?

3) What’s the culture, value and ethics of the company? How do they compare with your own?

4) What are the people in the organization like? Would you feel “at home” working with these people? Could you have fun and become great friends with them?

5) How successful (or not successful) is the person who introduced you this opportunity and the other people that are in your sponsorship line? Have they achieved the level of success that you are looking for?

6) Building on number 5, what’s type of training and support is offered by both the company and the people trying to recruit you? Is this the kind of training you want and need? And, finally, the ultimate acid test:

7) if you weren’t looking at this network marketing company (opportunity) with the eyes of someone looking to join, would you still sign up to buy the product as customer?

There you have it. By using the 7 questions above you surely can find the best company for YOU. Then, when you go out and pitch the opportunity don’t ever say ” this is the best network marketing company”. Say, instead, something like this: ”I really love these products and this company. Now, I don’t know if this is something for you or not, but let me share with you why I am so excited!”

Google looking for door-to-door salespeople


Google girlNetwork Marketing is a form of direct sales.  The funny thing is that sometimes traditional direct sales without a multi-level compensation plan gets a better rap and is more accepted in our society.

To illustrate this Google has now just launched their own direct sales program! Yes, google wants you to be a door-to-door salesman, but they have (so far) not permitted you bring on board other sales people (network marketing). We’ll see, maybe in the future Google will see the benefits of Network marketing. For now, it’s just interesting enough that they want to recruit a grassroots direct sales force.
So, what’s this all about? Basically, Google has launched Google’s new Local Business Referral Service and the company is looking for people to go from business to business to get information for Google Maps and tell them about Google Adwords.

As a Google Business Referral Representative, you’ll visit local businesses to collect information (such as hours of operation, types of payment accepted, etc.) for Google Maps, and tell them about Google Maps and Google AdWords. You’ll also take a few digital photos of the business that will appear on the Google Maps listing along with the business information. After the visit, you submit the business’ info and photo(s) to Google through your Local Business Referrals Center, and we’ll pay you up to $10 for each listing that is approved by Google and verified by the business.

You get $2 when the business you submitted is approved by Google and another $8 when the business itself approves the information you submitted. As long as your earnings total at least $25 a month, you’ll receive a monthly check.

How To Apply

To apply, you’ll be asked to answer some questions about your interest in this position, your experience with Google products, and to tell them in detail about why you want to become a representative.
UPDATE: At the time of this writing, the program is already full. However, Google plans on expanding the program soon, so you can still register here: http://www.google.com/local/referral/signUpRep.

Please note that the program is currently only available in the US.

MLM Cruise 2007


mlm cruise

If you haven’t already booked a space on the next MLM cruise, now is a good time to do so!
Not familiar with the MLM cruise?

If not, you’ve really missed out! The Network Marketing Cruise (aka MLM Cruise) is hosted in the fall every year by industry legend and trainer Tom Schreiter. The concept is simple: you get to combine a wonderful Caribbean cruise with the best network marketing training around!

Every year since 1990 and over the years thousands of network marketers from all over the world have enjoyed these luxury cruises. And since there’s (optional) training every day they’ve been able to write them off as a business expense!

Trainers on this cruise includes the likes of Richard Brooke, Sandy Elsberg, Art Jonak, Hilton Johnson, Robert Butwin and Tom Schreiter. Now, while I don’t know the list of speakers at this years cruise, it’s always good!

Plus, you don’t get just the “live training sessions”. Every day (and night) you get to hang out with some of the top trainers and active networker marketers in the world. There really isn’t a better way to rub shoulders and learn from the best!

This years’ cruise will take place from November 25th to December 2nd onboard the ship Norwegian Spirit. Being Norwegian myself, I must say that this is a wonderful ship, as all are in the Norwegian Cruise Lines fleet, of course  The ship will cruise the Western Carribbean and visit Costa Maya, Guatemala, Belize and Cozumel.

And the price?  Well, let me just say it’s an incredible value! Prices start at under $600 for everything (yes including both the cruise AND the training)

Now, if this sounds like a sales pitch, I won’t appologize. I will say however, that I have nothing to do with this cruise and earn no referral income. I just feel it’s a great thing that every network marketer should participate in. If not every year, then at least once in a lifetime!

I can promise you that you’ll love it and will return home with better networking skills as well as memories for life.

You can get all the details of the cruise here: Network Marketing Cruise 2007. But hurry if you want to reserve a seat as it always sells out!

First Post!


So, finally I am launching Globalnetworker.com!

The domain was registed way back in 1998, and has been sitting idle, waiting patiently for the day to be brought into the limelight!

 Well today is that day. Globalnetworker.com is finally live. At first, this site will be a pure blog covering all various aspects of the network marketing industry around the world. I also plan on adding to the site by offering a separate sections for training articles, interviews with top networkers and free resources.

Let’s see what the future brings!