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Phil and Jenny Sack Join TNI


Recently Xowii merged with Evolv, but not all the leaders at Xowii were happy with this.

Several of the top earners have in fact elected to say goodby to Xowii (and Evolv) and instead move in a different direction.

Phil and Jenny Sack are probably the most prominent of these leaders and they have just announced that TNI will be their new home.

The criteria they had when looking for a new company was:

1. Had to be 5 years or older
2. Had to be in or about to to enter the weight loss industry
3. had to have a reputation for keeping and attracting top corp. mgt
4. had to be international
5. had to be known for NOT making deals

The last point is what many peoples struggle with.. First, that they never do deals and secondly that the Sacks didn’t receive one.

That is maybe true, but it’s very unlikely that Phil and Jenny started from scratch with no preferential treatment whatsoever. Maybe they got a good spot from their sponsor, maybe they bought a position. Who know, but at least they are moving forward and making a fresh start instead of feeling burnt by the industry and quitting.

What do you think? Was it a good move to go to TNI?


  1. NOPE! No special spot, did not purchase a spot, no special treatment what so ever.

    We signed up just like someone brand new to the industry would have done.

    This means so much to me because we want to make a point that if you care about your team, and really believe in the products and your company, than you don’t need any special placement or additional incentives.

    WE REALLY DID (100%) join TNI with ZERO incentives.

    Phil Sack


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