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Randy Gage Leaves Agel


Generic MLM trainer and Network Marketing Superstar Randy has resigned as a distributor for Agel, apparently because of payout issues.

This is the last leader of many to leave. Back in the day, Agel was force to be reckoned with and had Randy Gage, Randy Schroeder and Eric Worre leading the distributor network. Now they have all left along with names such as Ann and David Fenstein, Bruno Griles and Chanida Puranaputra.

The future looks very bleak for Agel. Be surprised if the company is still in business in 24 months.


  1. Agel has been in trouble for awhile however CVSL has ruined this and most other companies they have purchased. Make no bones about it Agel is finished and it’s sad because they do have wonderful products. When people like Randy give up the writing Is on the proverbial wall. Rip Agel you will be missed.

  2. Randy just announced that he has joined South American company FuXion, which is headed by CEO Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides.

    See this video to hear all the facts straight from Randy:


    FuXion was started in 2007 and is present in 12 countries today, including Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Guatemala, México and the United States.


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