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Robert Dean Left Visalus


Robert Dean is on the move again.

After leaving TNI he went to Monavie, then to Evolv Health, then to Visalus and now he’s reportedly with Limu International.

That in itself if not so newsworthy, but it seems the good Dean has become a professional “deal marker” and earning heafty bonuses each time he makes a move.

According to Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder of Visalus, it’s about time that people wake up and take notice of what’s going on. He certainly has and is now warning other company owners about the dangers of dealing with Mr. Robert Dean.

Here’s a copy on an email he sent out recently:


As many you of you on this email head to Orlando (at least that’s what the grapevine states) I wanted to wish all of you well should you choose to leave us. You are all good people who only want the the best for your families – and I hope you find it where you are at. There’s only so many times you can move before everyone you know stops listening, so my wish for you is that this is the “last move” for you…again.

Its been stated to several people that the “deal to go to Limu was just too good to pass up” by Mr. Dean. As in the his personal deal. In September 2010 Mr. Dean shared with me that in order for his team to transition (15 people he said) to Visalus and stay full-time and be able to travel and build and not skip a beat he would need a large chunk of money upfront. Me mentioned that he had a couple million dollar offers on the table, but he really wanted to be with Visalus. I mentioned to him that Visalus doesn’t do deals, but I could probably put together a group of investors who wanted to help Mr. Deans TEAM build and not go backwards. I mentioned that if he was 100% sold on Visalus and wasn’t going to jump again for the next “deal” waved at him that I would put my word on the line for him. So I did.

The investors proceeded to fund Mr Dean (on my word) $175,000 signing bonus to be used to fund his TEAM and their needs and costs of doing business, etc. They also went on to give Mr. Dean an additional $175,000 for hitting production numbers over a course of time to keep his TEAM going. This totaling $350,000 given to Mr Dean (plus his commissions) over a 90 day period. Obviously the inverstors intentions were to give the money to his TEAM upfront so they could get off the ground and they would maybe the investors would begin to break even a year or so later. All of this based on my trust with them and Mr. Dean’s word.

A few weeks ago I learned Mr. Dean was looking at companies so I sat down with him and asked. He vehemently denied looking at companies and I quote “I would never do that to you. If I was going somewhere, I would tell you as a friend.” Interesting.

Within days I knew more than I cared to, but the most horrifying thing I learned was that the $350,000 that he asked for for his TEAM and their needs and their expenses and their building of a business and travel and fly-ins, etc etc – never quite made it to them. There were a few people that got a few crumbs, but thats about it. I received a very sad call from one of his leaders asking me, “Nick how could stop funding us in december? We had the worse Christmas in our entire lives and Rob said it was because you stopped funding us.”

Baffled I pulled the wire transfer up to confirm that Mr. Dean received a $75,000 payment during the first week of December – but told his leaders that we didn’t give him anything. The team was mortified when they learned how much Mr. Dean received and how little he had shared. So I guess the big question is….where did all of the money go? Attached is a copy of the contract Mr. Dean signed so you are up to speed.

The big question I know everyone wants to know is this: WHY AM I DOING THIS? Simple – my value system. Someone at some point has to stand up for what is right. And this was WRONG. I want to make sure companies, people, investors, and teams don’t keep getting hurt.

Ask questions – if your leader is getting something for going somewhere, find out what, how much, get yourself a piece – you are the one doing the production numbers. And as you have learned today, the number is probably bigger than you think. Its been said by Mr. Dean to me directly that he received $3 Million from Monavie (may or may not be true – who knows). Its also been shared by his leaders to me that they didn’t see but crumbs of it. Get your fair share.
If you are promised money, I recommend you get a contract directly with the company – protect yourself
For Limu Corporate – I recommend that you also do contracts with people directly and not one person who will “take care of the team” – learn from the mistakes of us and Monavie and probably others.
Again, this is a crusade for whats right. Their are people ruining this industry because of horror stories like this, and maybe if someone stands up and blows the whistle – it will slow down or maybe stop.

Best wishes on journey,



Editors note: what do you feel? Is a Robert Dean a networking legend that deserves all the signup bonuses he can get? Or simply the industry’s biggest (litterally), best paid prostitute?


  1. Mr. Sarnicola,

    I want to commend you for putting yourself out there. You could have been like other owners that have been burned and swept this under the rug. People like Robert Dean, Buck Reed, Sheri Sharman and others give this industry a bad name. The front end deals need to stop and people need to build the old fashion way through hard work and activity. I know who the person is that put this deal together too. We will call him “J” you and I know exactly who he is. He needs to be put out of business as well. He is destroying companies reputations as well other reps chances of being successful. Please Nick call all of the owners together if you haven’t already and come together on this issue. Stop the front end deals and put these guys out of business once and for all. Nick, I am truly sorry for the after math you are dealing with. If it means anything to you I have a lot of respect for you that you at your level in this industry spoke out and made yourself and your company transparent so that others won’t get burned. It is clear to me that you made a mistake and you are admitting it. Thank you very much for you honesty.

  2. Glad to see someone else speaking out on this. I wouldn’t worry about all of those companies. There are a few of them that are the instigators, actively going after high pin rank distributors and offering them deals to come over. So it serves them right when the whores they hire get a better offer and leave them.

    For those interested in knowing more, I wrote about this topic on my blog last week:


  3. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for bringing this out. I know several people in the MLM industry who have been hurt by this type of practice. I think that it is very easy to lambast Dean for his apparent complete lack of character, and rightly so.
    But what about the CEO’s of these companies who pay this guy? If he is prostituting himself to their respective companies wouldn’t that make guys like Ryan Blair, Brent Hicks and especially Dallin Larsen common, everyday pimps?
    They stand up on stage and proclaim to the average joe with no MLM experience that “if you just follow these steps and stay plugged in you too can be a millionaire” when they don’t follow the same steps to success themselves. They look for ways to shortcut the path while preaching to the choir “there are no shortcuts to success.” Perhaps they are the real whores?

  4. The network marketing industry already has a negative stigma attached to it. The Robert Deans of mlm, make it even worse. However, it sickens me to think that Nick Sarnicola (through investors) paid Dean $350,000 to join ViSalus. Nick may have stepped down from the corporate level of ViSalus to work the field to prove that he could make money as a distributor, but he still is portrayed as one of the founders of the ViSalus corporate. The people in Nick’s organization should be outraged. I sure would. Heck, if I were busting my butt to build a business, knowing Nick was paying drawer to people of “stature”, I’d probably quit ViSalus.

    So, I ask? Who is the bigger prostitute here?

  5. I knew Robert Dean was a clown. Visalus is better off without him.. But I am sad to see that he was treated like ALEX RODRIGUEZ… Anybody can hit home runs, but you are only as good as your last home run!

  6. I am only here to say these words, I don’t worry about what other leaders are doing…Is it wrong or right that Robert went to various companies, do I know all the details? Am I concerned? The answer is no. The main thing we should be concerned with is becoming strong leaders ourselves, becoming attractive in the business world and branding yourself! Big companies do deals all the time, especially if a person can add value, why do we look at network marketing as a little deal? This is the reason why so many people don’t build their network marketing business because they don’t see it as a big deal….I am so happy to say that the company I am in “OrganoGold” so many big leaders have came seeking deals(LMAO) and didn’t get a dam thing… We are not that type of company…Organo Gold will be the “most admired” company in the world of business! So those are my thoughts, I want to help people become financially free, get out of debt and lower their taxes! As a business owner, Ex-IRS Auditor, and Infopreneur, it is done! We will capture 1% of the coffee industry and I am looking for “people” who are coachable, trainable, willing to learn and grow with our company. It not about what others are doing, it is about what you are willing to do… go to http://www.ogoverview.com watch the video and then call 678-508-9782, we are dedicated to your success! God bless, keep your head up and their are people in the world that cares about you building wealth and changing lives…Jean Rahman/Multimillionaire

  7. Why is Network Marketing such an illogical business? Is there any wonder why most traditional business people cringe?

    Robert Dean, Health and Wellness? Laughable.

    Weight loss? Well sounds like Visalus, just lost a ton right there.

    The great Fatsby stikes again!

  8. And he is not with LIMU anymore as well. He is already on to the NEXT one and was supposed to have a 5yr contract with LIMU. Integrity and commitment is obviously not a part of his limited “AMAZING” vocabulary.

  9. This IS EXACTLY WHY I DO NOT FOCUS ON RECRUITING PEOPLE BECAUSE LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOURGLASS, THEY JUST FALL THROUGH and to be honest, I am really tired of it. That is why I focus on just selling the products and services through online marketing. MLM has really become a joke for some.


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