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Robert Dean on the move again


We have previously written about Robert Dean Jr and his talent for getting a hefty transfer bonus every time he moves to a new company. Well, now it looks like Robert  and his T.O.P.G.U.N team is on the move again. The Limu Company and founder  Gary Raser has confirmed that Robert Dean and about 30 other TOPGUN members had been suspended on the rumors that have joined Momentis Energy.

Momentis is owned by a publicly traded utility company known as Just Energy.  Just Energy was founded by Rebecca McDonald, who started the company with an additional phone line and a small office in her home.

The reason why Just Energy set up Momentis to market for them using network marketing is that they realized that word of mouth marketing is more effective than traditional marketing. Just Energy already has approximately 1.6 million customers in North America and anticipates tripling that within the next three years through the growth Momentis.



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