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Below is an article that MLM superstar Eric Worre recently posted on facebook. If your’re on facebook I highly recommend that you join his group Network Marketing Professionals.

Anyway, here’s the article. It’s really good!


When it comes to living, if you look at it in broad terms, there are 3 basic states that most people find themselves in. The first is Crisis. The second is Survival. And the third is Success.

Here’s the basic pattern for the majority of people. They cruise along in survival mode and, since they’re surviving and there’s no real pressure to do more, they usually don’t, which means they start drifting towards crisis.

Nothing really happens until you actually hit the crisis mode. You have to come up with $500 or the whole world is going to fall in. When that happens, what do you do most of the time? You find a way. You get creative. You work hard. You get resourceful. You get it done.

Whew! Back to survival mode! That feels better. Now, since the pressure is off, you kick back and relax and, without even knowing it, you begin to drift all over again. And, before long, you’re right back in crisis. And you think, “man! I just finished fighting that last fight and here comes another one! I’m not having a very lucky run here!”

Whatever that fight is this time…

It could be qualifying for your paycheck.

It could be troubles with your relationship.

It could be a test coming up.

It could be the monthly bills getting paid.

It could be preparing for some presentation you have to perform.

Whatever it was, you find that discipline, you bear down and once again you find a way.

Here’s what that life looks like.

Survival. Crisis. Survival. Crisis. Survival. Crisis. Survival. Let me tell you, that is no way to live.

In applying this to building a large network marketing business, one of the things I was lucky enough to learn fairly early on is that it’s the same distance from Crisis to Survival as it is from Survival to Success. When you had to make $500 or the whole world was going to fall in, once you made that $500, you could just as easily continued and made the next $500 that would give you not just survival, but a little taste of success.

Why don’t all of us choose success then… if it’s the same distance? Here’s the reason most people just survive and only a few people succeed…

To survive, the reasons are already built in.

But to go beyond survival and to succeed when the pressure of surviving is gone, you need to come up with reasons of your own. And those reasons have to come from within. Based upon that, if you don’t have the internal reasons to become successful, you probably won’t.

So, if that’s true… and it is, then your internal reasons are what will drive your engine. They are literally Success Fuel. They are what will keep you going when things get tough.

All of us have goals and dreams. That’s called the promise. And for every promise, there’s a price to pay. But the price gets easy to pay when the promise is strong. When the reasons are strong.

Nietze said “He who has a why to live for can endure almost any how”. In other words, if a person has strong enough reasons, they can endure almost any price they may have to pay.

In his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Victor Frankl illustrated through his own personal experience that the people most likely to survive the concentration camps in Nazi Germany were not the strongest physically, but the ones with the greatest reasons to live beyond their personal survival. Some of the most frail physical bodies endured the unthinkable to make sure they could tell their story in the hopes that what was happening to them, would never happen again.

Let me give you another example… Let’s say that there was an amazing inventor who came up with the most incredible breakthrough and offered you a proposal. Let’s say they told you that, if you made it to the top position in your company within the next two years, they would release the cure for cancer and they would do it in your name… from that day forward, no one would ever have to suffer from that terrible disease ever again.

Let’s also say they gave you one basic rule and that was you couldn’t tell anyone about the arrangement. If you told anyone, the deal would be off.

So, if you made it to the top in the next two years, no more cancer and the whole world would know that you made it possible. And, if you didn’t make it to the top position in your company within the next two years, the cure would remain locked away forever and the whole world would know that you let them down.

Heavy duty reasons huh? That’s my point. If that were true, do you have any doubt about your ability to get to the top position?

How much training would you need? You’d figure it out, wouldn’t you?

What if your friends gave you a hard time?

What if it was hard work?

What if some people didn’t want to buy your product or service?

What if you had a hard time recruiting people, or if you did, they didn’t stay around long?

Would you quit? I think for all of us, the answer would be no. We wouldn’t quit. We’d find a way because the reasons were so strong.

What does that prove? You could do it if someone were to put incredible external reasons on you. But, what if they don’t?

For our whole lives, most of us have been driven by external reasons.

Our family put them on us. Do what we say or you’ll get in trouble.

Our educational system. Do what we say or you’ll get in trouble.

The government. Do what we say or you’ll get in trouble.

Our employers. Do what we say or you’ll get in trouble.

Like I said earlier, in order to succeed, you’re going to have to really think about your own internal reasons.

Here are some examples to think about.

To prove something to yourself, to your family or to your friends.

To provide for people you care about.

If other people in your family have done something special and you’d like to do the same.

If no one in your family has done something special and you’d like to be the first.

To never have to think about finances again

To be able to give back

To have time freedom

If you’ve grown up poor and hated the feeling of living off the scraps of the world.

If you’ve grown up rich and hated the feeling of not being respected for what you’ve accomplished.

I don’t know what your reasons are. You’re going to have to figure that out. But here’s what I do know…

Reasons come first, answers come second

Without strong reasons, the smallest obstacle become INSURMOUNTABLE.

With strong reasons, the largest obstacle becomes INVISIBLE.

If you want to live an average life, allow external reasons to set your standard.

If you want to live an extraordinary life, in addition to the external reasons, create your own internal reasons for setting a higher standard.

So, here’s an assignment for you…

Determine what your reasons are for becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Write them down.

Keep them in front of you at all times.

And, if you think of something that would strengthen them, feel free to add that to your list.

I’ll leave you with one last question… What if you had to be rich? What if you had to go to the top in your company? What if you had to become a Network Marketing Professional?

Would you find the Success fuel to make that happen?

Your friend & partner,

Eric Worre – Network Marketing Professional


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