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Tom Schreiter – A legendary trainer with a hilarious style


If you’ve never met Tom Schreiter, you are in for a treat. As he writes in his own bio on the back of his books, he is a “tall, dark, handsome Texan”.

Well, maybe this is a bit of an oversell, but it is no exaggeration that Tom is one of the best network marketing trainers ever.

He relies heavily on humor to convey his message, both on stage and in his books, and at times he is truly hilarious.

Tom is also one of the good guys of network marketing and you can be sure that he will never pitch an opportunity on your people. It is a fact that Tom is an owner of a network marketing company, but very few people know about it. Also, in all the years that Tom has performed his excellent training seminars he has never let people know that he was a founder of Nutrition For Life (a big company back in the 90s).

In addition to his books and seminars, Tom is known for putting on the annual MLM cruise every fall. With a track record of close to 20 years now, this is an excellent opportunity for people to enjoy a caribbean cruise with network training added for free.

In network marketing circels, Tom is also known as “Big Al”. We’ll leave it up to you to ask him why. Or you’ll figure it out yourself when you meet him! 


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