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TVI Express a scam?


From USA to Australia and from Northern Europe to the South of Africa a new phenomenon is spreading like wildfire by  “word-of mouth” and proclaiming to be a legitimate network marketing company.

This company bears the name Travel Ventures International, or more commonly referred to as TVI Express. But is this really a REAL company with real products and a viable future? Or is it just a simple scam designed to enrich the owners and a few at the top of the pyramid?

Well, if you ask respected industry consultant Rod Cook at MLM Watchdog, the answer is obvious. TVI Express is a classic scam and something he says he should have warned his readers about earlier: http://www.mlmwatchdog.com/RC_Scam_Pyramid.html

Troy Dooley of MLM Helpdesk agrees and has made a video post about TVI that you may see here: http://www.mlmhelpdesk.com/2009/09/14/troy-dooly-calls-tvi-express-aka-travel-ventures-international-a-mlm-scam-learn-why/

Coupled with the fact that convicted scam artist Ken Russo is one of the people behind TVI is really all you need to know. Our advice is to RUN the other direction if approached by this compan.  And if you have a network organization it’s good to warn your people in advance so they don’t get lured by the hype and fall prey to this global scam.


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