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WorldVentures Launches Wings&Wheels Car Program


Last weekend at their Momentum Training Event in Dallas, Texas, WorldVentures launched a new promotion called Wings & Wheels. Qualifications are pretty simple: Generate $5,000 in sales volume within your lineage, and you’ll be on your way to driving a silver BMW!

After Visalus set the pace with their “Bimmer Club” other network marketing companies have been hot on their tail to launch similar programs.

The World Ventures Wings & Wheels Club is a way for even new representatives to qualify for a brand new car quickly. It is this aspect that has been so successful for Visalus and judging by the initial weeks’ sales, World Ventures already has a winner with Wings & Wheels. Last week they had the single biggest day in company history and more than 200 representatives have qualified for the bonus!

Why Wings &Wheels?

The idea behind the promotion for World Ventures reps is a follows:

Ready: Get Your Wings!
This isn’t a pilot’s license, but your “Wings” will allow you to soar. By personally referring four DreamTrips U,
DreamTrips, DreamTrips Life or Luxury DreamTrips Members, you’ll earn your “Wings,” which opens up a
whole-new WorldVentures world.
By sponsoring four customers, you’ll be Qualified, and unlock access to our aggressive WorldVentures
compensation plan. Additionally, as a thank you, WorldVentures will begin waiving your monthly membership fees every month you  maintain four active customers!  So now you have your “Wings.” That new car smell awaits you, so go to the next step!

Set: Get Your Wheels!
Now it’s time for our “Silver Bullet,” because when you help as few as four people earn their “Wings” and
generate at least $5,000 in new sales volume in your lineage teams, you’ll receive the Wings & Wheels car
bonus to put toward a silver BMW!

Once qualified The Wings & Wheels Promotions gives each representative $600 per month to use on a new or used BMW. The program runs for 36 months and is being launched  in both the US and all international markets.


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