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XanGo Launches Glimpse – New Green and Clean Skin Care


At Xangos recent convention with nearly 10,000 people in attendance from all over the world, the company launched Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care, a revolutionary new skin care line that has been 3 years in development.

Here’s a few words about glimpse from Charimarn Emeritus Gary Hollister: “For the past six years, we have demonstrated that internal consumption of the whole fruit mangosteen improves well being and lifestyle the world over. Now, we are prepared to launch the topical skin part of the story featuring exclusive ingredients from the whole fruit mangosteen. What XanGo® Juice brought to the world six years ago in terms of creating a category and introducing a ground floor business opportunity, Glimpse will offer for t opical mangosteen application. The difference is that six years later we are in 23 countries with a sophisticated infrastructure and one million independent distributors to support the launch of this ground-breaking product.”

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