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Zeekrewards Review


We’re working on a review of Zeekrewards and welcome all comments from readers that involved with this opportunity.

Currently, zeekrewards.com is the most visited corporate site of ANY network marketing company in the world. At the same time A LOT of red flags come up with regards to the legitimacy of the opportunity. Is it really a viable company built around a real product or just a way for the owners to make a quick buck?

Some people are venturing as far as calling it the biggest PONZI scheme in the world today. Furthermore, rumors state that the company is under investigation, has lost their payment gateway already etc.

So, we think it’s about time we take a closer look.

If you’re with Zeekrewards.com, how has your experience been? Does the company still pay on time? How is customer service? Have you ever bought anything from the penny auction site?

Please post in the comments section below or send to us at zeekrewardsreview@globalnetworker.com



PS: If you have never heard of ZeekRewards it is the marketing arm of  Zeekler.com, a penny auction site.

The main attraction of being a member of Zeekewards is that the company has created a Retail Profit Pool (RPP) and shares up to 50% of the daily net profits with its Qualified Affiliates. Today many affiliates earn thousands of dollars weekly WITHOUT having introduced anyone to the program, just based on “Bids” that they have purchased.

Here’s how it works: When you sell Retail Bids or give away VIP Bids from ZeekRewards you can earn VIP Cash Awards every day for 90 days on the VIP Points you received just for placing ONE FREE AD for Zeekler.com daily and submitting the link to your ad through your ZeekRewards Ad Center in your back office.

Every time you sell Retail Bids or give away VIP Bids as samples to retail customers through your ZeekRewards back office – those bids earn you points in your ZeekRewards VIP ProfitPoint balance. At the end of each day (7 days a week) the company determines its daily overall revenues and shares up to 50% of it’s net profits with its Quaified Affiliates* based on each individuals VIP ProfitPoint Balance.


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